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Independent Philatelist & Stamp Dealers Since 1966

I started my business in 1966, but my passion for philately goes back much further. Dealing in the early years I was fortunate to meet many of the world’s great stamp dealers, most of whom became good friends. It soon became obvious to me that the three main "ingredients" of their success were - knowledge of their subject, quality of their material and above all, a passion for what they dealt in. These principles I also adopted, and are still my objectives to this very day.

My stock is primarily formed of Great Britain material (which is probably the finest in the world), but fine and rare items of other countries are also included.

I have helped many clients to form their own private collections, as well as assisting others with their award winning exhibits at international level.

I attend most national and international exhibitions.

As this website is still under construction, items are being added all the time.

1840 Two Penny Blue, Block of Four in deep bright blue 1840 Penny Black, V.R. 'Imprimatur' 1867 - 1883 10 Shillings, Greenish Grey. White Paper S.G.135, The Finest in Existence 10 Shillings, I.R. Official S.G. 010, Block of Fifteen £10 Black and Green S.G. 100, Unmounted Mint 1840 1 Penny. Black Plate 7., Exceptional MInt Block 1850 10 pence. Embossed Die 2 1840 1 Penny. Black Black Plate 2. 1840 1 Penny. Black Black Plate 1b 1840 2 Pence. Blue Plate 1, Inverted Watermark 1840 2 Pence. Blue from Plate 1 1840 2 Pence. Bright - Blue Plate 1 1841 1 Penny (Dark Red-Brown Shade) Plate 74 1841 2 Pence Blue Plate 3 1847 1 Shilling Green Embossed Issue S.G.55 S.G.121 2 Shillings Brown Queen Victoria £1 Brown-Lilac - Blued Paper S.G. 132 S.G.177a S.G.319 King Edward VII High Values 1902-1913 S.G.320 King Edward VII High Values 1902-1913 S.G.488b Tête-Béche S.G.489b Tête-Béche S.G.087 Overprinted 'Specimen' S.G.011 Queen Victoria £1 Brown Lilac S.G.296 King Edward VII 6 Pence. Bright Magenta 1840 2 Pence. Blue 'Bright Shade' Plate 1 1840 1 Penny. Black Plate 2 King Edward VII 10 Pence. Overprinted O.W. Official S.G. 040 S.G.403 £1 Sea-Horse Issue. S.G.404 £1 Blue Green-Sea-Horse Issue Overprinted 'Cancelled' Type 24 1935 King George V 2 1/2 Pence. 'Prussian Blue' S.G.128 10 Shillings Grey-Green-Imprimatur Queen Victoria £5 Orange Telegraph Stamp Overprinted 'Specimen' Type 9 S.G.137 £5 Orange 1897 Jubilee $4 Violet S.G. 139 1861 'Woodblock' Issue 1d. Carmine 1897 50r. Mauve, Original gum corner copy 1925 £5 Violet and Black S.G. 108 S.G.99 £10 Purple and Dull Ultramarine S.G.016 Overprinted 'Specimen'